Sooooooooooo, guess what? I basically cannot go to USC-Columbia anymore. Their Pre-Law track is only for their Honors College people, and they won’t even consider me for it. Their mid-range test scores for that group is 1450-1520 & 31-33. I have some pretty nice scores, but not that nice. They won’t even consider me for it unless I have those types of scores. So, USC is out, and CofC is back at #1 in my heart.Hopefully, I get into College of Charleston’s Honors College, or I am going to cry. It’s not even that I wanted to go to USC that much, it just sucks knowing you aren’t good enough for something you’ve been doing your whole life. I just am not used to being told I’m kinda not smart enough, it’s kinda the only thing I got going for me.  Annywayy, IT’S OCTOBER AND I’M EXCITED! ♥



Schools like ours will always wait until the last of the month to do Fire drills. They forget and push it off until it is almost too late, then confuse everyone and ruin my bathroom break. If they would put off something like that over and over again, what else do they put off? Maybe something such as sending transcripts to colleges or even running late to literally every event possible? If so, how can we fix this as teachers and students? I mean, students can become teachers, and teachers can become administrators. I guess the flow of power might fix it. All I do know, is that if I were to become a teacher, I would check with everything, and I would become the most annoying person in the school if I had to, to get what needed to get done, done. It might not work, but this child is gonna graduate and go to college next year, even if I have to send her transcript myself.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week (Sept. 25 – Sept 29th.)

“When a teacher enjoys teaching, kids just know” – unknown

I love this quote because it is ridiculously true. I know that there are some lost souls who do enjoy teaching, but just aren’t very in tune with their students or are just bad at it. That said, in most cases the teacher that wants to be there is the most respected and loved. I know my favorite teachers are the ones who do any and everything for their students, even ones who wouldn’t do anything for them back. I would like to be that teacher.

Current Events

Current Event

Puerto Rice has been in the main path of two hurricanes in these last few weeks, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. The first hurricane knocked down about 70% of their power grid, and the second one finished them off. This affects electricity, phone lines, and water pipes as well. The place is in complete disarray, and it will be months before any real development can happen. I would use this in a class  to explain natural disasters and their effects, and the processes countries have to go to to fix their societies after these events. I would teach them empathy and show that these are serious events.


Learning Experiences

Monday Sept. 25 – Friday Sept. 29th

Monday, September 25th:

  • Read-Aloud: Shadesha
  • Physical Development
  • Scholarship Book/College Applications

Tuesday, September 26th:

  • Read-Aloud: Jade
  • Physical Development
  • Learning Preferences

Wednesday, September 27th:

  • Read-Aloud: Emily
  • Teaching Fellows/Scholarship/College Applications

Thursday, September 28th:

  • Read-Aloud: Hannah
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development

Friday, September 29th:

  • Cognitive Growth


“Vote For Spongebob” by Erica Pass 978-1-4169-4986-2

This book was a really cute and relatable way to explain some government stuff to children. It lightly outlines the campaigning process and the steps Spongebob must take to become King Kraby. It would be nice for an introduction to government for small children, elementary grades. I would use it in their social studies classes.

“The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate The Wash” by Trinka Hakes Noble 0-8037-1723-7

This book was silly and would make kids laugh. I would use it to work with predictions, let the kids guess what crazy thing happened next. It also can teach cause and effect, and you could have them do their own little story afterwards to see if they fully understand how one thing leads to another. I would use this in older elementary classes, 3rd, 4th, 5th because they’d be able to comprehend it better while still finding it amusing.



I had a good week. It was Spirit Week, I was Raven, a Hippie, a #Dad Tourist, a Leprechaun, and a Bronco. I enjoy spirit week, because it’s like a long Halloween, and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I wish everyone else dressed up more. I was decked out in green, and I was literally the only person. I don’t regret it, I didn’t feel embarrassed, but I’m the least spirited person alive, and I still managed to out spirit the cheerleaders. No offense to any cheerleaders, but they only dressed up because they had to, most of the time. I love spirit week, I want one week a month to be spirit week, please, and thank you!