“The Silly Gooses” by Dav Pilkey 0-590-94733-8

This was my favorite book from the week, because it was funny and playful while still having a message. It teaches accepting people for who they are, and not letting anyone make you think less of yourself. I also appreciated the gender-swap that happened between the two geese, and I think it could be used to get kids used to the idea that there are transgender people in the world. I would definitely use this book, and I would probably use it in 1st-3rd grade, when they’re still learning grammar and such, to point out that “gooses” is not the proper term, and also while they’re impressionable to teach them accepting.

“A Friend Like You” by Julia Hubery 1-84869-528-3

This book can be interpreted a couple of ways, but how I took it was to not let your friends walk over you, and tell them when they hurt your feelings. I would use this to teach communication skills, that all friendships need to talk about their feelings no matter how silly it seems. It also could be used to show how two opposites can still be best friends, and to be kind to everyone. I would use this in kindergarten through 3rd grade, and probably do it toward the begging of school and use it as an icebreaker for learning names and becoming friends with everyone in the class.


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